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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

Our logo is the dithering Blue Jay

DITHERING…announce to the world in what you are partaking! From Siam to the Mosquito Coast, there are acquaintences to be had!

BASIC RULE OF DITHERING. A “Dither” must be no longer than 270 words; a mere Gettysburg Address. That number should suffice. If you feel that 270 words is insufficient, then by all means compose a multitude of Dithers.

YOU MUST SHOW ALL DITHERERS REPECT AND BONHOMIE. Assuming they are white property-holders, that is. If an errant woman finds her way onto Dither, then kindly focus her attention onto other, more feminine pursuits.

DITHERS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE WOOD-BOARD EVERY SECOND DAY. All Dithers and Re-dithers will be affected.

YOU MUST SIGN-ON WHENEVER YOU POST. Not everybody can sign with an “X”. If you are illiterate, you may ask someone else to compose a dither in your place.

SAMPLE DITHERS from Ness Creek, Nebr. ditherboard to arouse your interest:

@SheriffSamMacGuffin: To residents of Ness Creek, please do not leave horse-piles at the entrance to Ned’s Apothecary. There be valuable medicaments within, and horse-piles tend to contaminate the vials. If yer horse needs to defacate, then use the gutter next to Coleman’s General Store.

@ChiefThunderFeather: In the name of the Sky-Spirit, respect my claim in Henderson’s Gorge. It was willed by me by the U.S. Government in 1859, the deed signed by Governor Bullard Talcolmblatt of Nebraska Territory himself. If I see another White Man prospecting in my Gorge, I will send an arrow into his penis.

@SheriffSamMacGuffin: If anybody knows the identity of the horse-rapist bring it to my attention. The horse-rapist has been spooking various other beasts of burden as well.

@KnickerbockerWHPennywhipple: Dear Sirs, if you intend to impune my honor then I shall be waiting in the Main Thoroughfare at 7 sharp in the A.M., accompanied by my pistol and manservant.

@SheriffSamMacGuffin: There will be a Whisky and Poker Social held at Larson’s Tavern this Tuesday evening, to welcome our new residents, Kraut homesteaders headed by Mr. Adolf Horscht.

@X: I don’t like seeing no niggers, chinks, wops, and hebrews round here

@PastorMichaelMallory: Blessed be the prospectors. For salvation, visit my Church on East Dirt Street.

@LarsonsTavern: Fer the best Whores and Whisky and Poker, visit Larson’s Tavern. E.G. Larson, Proprietor.

@TheTownDrunk: Done pissed myself agin. Anyone know a pants-merchant here or in Bellows Ridge? Aint got no spare trousers. I wont do no business with no Chinaman either.

@X: I fucked Sheriff MacGuffin’s pig, real good like, and got a hankerin’ to do it again.

@LadyChatterley: Hello boys, I got the feminine touch you crave. Lice-free since 1878. I take two baths a month. No lesions or unwelcome odors. Will satisfy any fantasy you have, except ones involving mules. No Chinamen please.

@TheOldGeneral: Been having night terrors again. Did the South lose the War? I don’t even know anymore. Can’t sleep worth a damn. Been trying to extract a rosin ball from my rectum. It got there by accident.

@SheriffSamMacGuffin: Someone has been stealing ladies’ undergarments from the General Store. Now, we don’t have many women in this town, but the few who reside here need fresh undergarments from time to time. The General Store is now out of undergarments, and we won’t get a shipment for 3 months. So will the crook(s) return the undergarments, after scrubbing off any personal material. I pledge that I will not prosecute the undergarment-thieves at this time.

@KwokTheChinaman: Anybody need ride to Jerricho Springs? My carriage real nice and clean. Friendly and safe drivers. We are all certified safe coachmen. We not look at you either, especially white ladies. You may spit on us if you please, just pay us fairly.

@Huxley_Exslave: Im no dermint loaffer Im good wukker yessir been fum Alabam yessir can drive piles lift impements fish driftwood cure sciatica Im easy to find just holler Huxley I be Huxley

@XTheSouthLivesOnX: Hello y’all I done moved into Ness Creek or whatnot  looking for an escaped negro named Hussey or Huxby. I don’t care about the Emancipation whatnot never heard of it. I catch negros; it’s my job or whatnot. Hussey will come up to you and says he can lift impediments this is a LIE. If this occurs holler for Fungo Huckabee. Huckabee, the Name You Trust in Negrocatchin’.

@SherriffSamMacGuffin: This so-called ‘Negrocatcher’ in town, goes by the name Huckabee, fancies himself a lawman. Well, I hate to break it to him, but there is only one Lawman in Ness Creek, and his name is MACGUFFIN. If there are any loose slaves, or single ladies, or Buddhists that need catchin’, MacGuffin is the one to call on. Please re-dither this if you care about the LAW.

Here at Dithering we are tasked with CHANGING THE WORLD. Powered by Andemann’s Internal Combustion Engines of York Grove, Iowa.

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