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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

When love dares speak its name

In polite company, it is often best to use a euphemism for sexual encounters. One never knows when he or she may be forced to discuss matters sexual, so having a few handy innuendos at the tongue’s tip will go a long way towards making one a breezy non-confrontationalist.

Want to describe the act of Love? Why not try —

*Trying to reproduce

*Hiding the sausage, repeatedly and in earnest

*Taking the VD train

*Being a gracious host

*Doing what the Chinese seem so fond of doing

*Inviting the world’s third-oldest root cause of mental illness

*Being temporarily promoted to Secretary of the Interior

*Tunneling to safety

*Heeding nature’s call, but not THAT call

*Cashing in the lottery ticket

*Doing it for Prussia

*Getting there before the black guy does

*Doing yeoman’s work

*Sowing the seeds of regret

*Inheriting the Throne of Wessex

*Laughing in the face of Death

*Performing a bedroom manuever

*Being rather boisterous

*Eliciting the mighty Algorathne, satyr of coitus, and offering a slaughter at the Temple of Knisses

*Putting Dick Vitale in the booth

*Writing an op-ed for the New York Times about your experience at Goldman Sachs


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