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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

BAKHALUA KHAKAA! I am Fuaz el-Amin, supreme righteous judge for the 2011 Islamabeard Contestation. I am no ikith, I am genuine! You can ask my many friends. Here I have five men with beards whose every follicle praises Allah most highly! Inshallah, one of them will be the victor!

Mahmoud al-Din, Cairo, Egypt: this pious whisker flows like a bunch of black prophet most woolly and pure. He will not be at a disadvantage! Many virgins await him in heaven to stroke his fine manbush. I like him, do not you?

Aziz al-Wahwari, Damascus, Syria: I no joke, his hair is like finest velvet! I stroked myself. He does not use dyes or curliers. It is 100% natural Muslim barbe. Full coverage, even at spot where mustache meets lip-side. Is not need cleaning, cleans itself! Do you agree mister?

Daud Fahwaz al-Islam, Herat, Afghanistan:  protects his face from sand-storms and U.S.A. drones. Beard is famous in five provinces and two tribal areas! Little girls scream at mention of his folliculars. Likes to soak in mint tea. Free of louse since 2008-9. Are you not impressed?

Akbar Shishmanoush, Qom, Iran: Jews and Hindus go scurrying at sight of this manliness. Is on currency of Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Swedish artist got stabbed when this qafqal dared illustrate his Allahairs. Best beard since Suleiman, says Persian lifestyle magazine! Daren’t you demur?

Gibril Ali-Ali, Tashkent, Uzbekistan: ever heard of man who tames steppe wind? Ever heard of man who humbles beasts with own fur and shames them like Muhummad in goat parable? What, you not believe? Ahahahahaaaa, take a look and see! I 100% guarantee awe. Erect menhoods go limp at scenic. Must you hate always?

Note to reader! Voting will halt at midnight December 31 of infidel calendar. Voting will not be counted. Decision will make by Imam Harouf al-Makbah, the most respected top cleric.  

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