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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

I pick his mind

This is Whizz Phinkleman, columnist for I caught up with Cardinals manager Tony La Russa a few days ago, and asked him questions on various topics, not just baseball. I found La Russa to be a very candid and wonderful man. 

Whizz: Thanks for your time, Tony. First question: how has the 2011 season affected you personally and professionally?

TLR: Well, you know, got that title, we never gave up, Wrench had that double, came round the pole, hot dog mustard.

Whizz: What moment stands out most for you, in 2011?

TLR: Well, got that win over, whatwuzzit, Philadelphia, Polio had that great hammock. A great win for Jimnim. Fah.

Whizz: How does your family handle your long absences during the baseball season?

TLR: Well, got them a toast holder yesterday, been up all night. Rounded the bases, and, you know, Sparky Anderson.

Whizz: What piece of advice would you give aspiring ballplayers today?

TLR: Well, hard work. Give up not. Be fortense and shrilt, comesaken mine eyors.

Whizz: People say you have invented to modern bullpen. Do you agree?

TLR: Well, I like to use certain sticks with loamy soils to keep them fully tilled and ready for harvest. Made some tomato soup, Carp did a real good job. A competitor he is. Dunc hung up on me.

Whizz: What do you plan to do, after managing.

TLR: Well, bayside catches quite well then at least. Might. Wineries in season, I could go with Dotel in the 7th. That doesn’t work, they get six wickets, play the Ashes next month.

Whizz: Finally, Sir, if you could save the life of a sick dog or a perfectly healthy human, which would you save?

TLR: Well, the dog with his phreosis, you know, a human has those great arms, gflaffk, the dog and his fur for warmth, human probably, but a difficult decision.

Whizz: Thanks for your time.

TLR: Sourdough baguette.

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