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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

Cut yo shit

Antoine Giles: “Yo, DeLorcus, I gotta boil tha size of muthafickin Detroit bustin up my new Knicks jersey. What’s a brother to do, Doc?”

Tha Dr.: “Cut that shit!”

Qui-Gon Jackson: “Ey, DeLorcus, these muthafuckin banks all up in my face about negative balances and shit. Dis nigga gots to balace his muthafucking checkbook. Hit me up, Doc!”

Tha Dr.: “Cut yo shit!”

D’Brickashaw Horton: “My man DeLorcus. I’m up to my eyeballs in credit swaps and muthafuckin Swiss treasury bonds. This bitch Gerald Voxhöler of Credit Suisse done lowered my triple-A rating yo. Fuck that shit. Bust me up some of dat knowledge, Docta!”

Tha Dr.: “Cut yo shit!”

Veraeneaus Coles: “Gaaaawwwwwddammmmmn my shit’s tight!”

Tha Dr.: “Then cut that shit!”

Fungus Rowles: “Some muthafuckin bitch down at Jackson-Hewitt done told me to get a house and now this nigga is payin 18% interest which isn’t even a muthafuckin fixed rate. And some white Republican is tellin me that I ain’t pullin my half. Who’s to blame, Doc?”

Tha Dr.: “It don’t matter son you gotta CUT THAT SHIT.”

Von Heisenberg Williams: “I been cutting shit since 2008 and these bitch-ass playas in DC still talkin like its 2004, or 1996, nome sane?”

Tha Dr.: “True dat. But cut that shit some mo.”

Vivisection Banks: “Goddamn gots me a Sophie’s Choice all up in here, I gotta get high but Representative Akin is sayin that we gotta be all frugal and shit. I ain’t got no job, no lady so dis brotha’s got to get high, no joke. Wassup, Docta Bates?”

Tha Dr.: “In these lean times you gotta CUT YO SHIT.”

Dr. Bernard Ackerley, Pentagon brother: “Yo man, I got this cushy-ass job at the Pentagon, dealing wit all kinds of heavy shit. Brothas be wacked out all over the world. Sheeyit. Now this busta McConnell, some twitchy dude named Reid, they be threatenin cuttin spendin at my beloved Pentagon. Brotha may be out of a job soon. I need this job yo. Got three kids and two ex-wives, alimony all up in dat ass, and I see some fat white fuck taking his jet to a muthafuckin 7-11 to buy muthafuckin coffee. How should a brotha feel, Doc?”

Tha Dr.: “They rich, bitch, and you gotta CUT THAT SHIT.”

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