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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

The Earl of Hatton exits

Ooooooh, good-day to yewe, dear commoners of the Realm! I did have a fantastic time in this ride up Merryfanny Road; thank you for being so considerate. Allow me to impart my family lineage to Royal-watchers such as yourself:

I am the third Earl of Hatton, Duke of Capstown, Viscount of Sweatband, Lord Whatsit of Dometopper and prefect of the Third Huzzah Cavalry, Hat and Kilt Regiment. I have fought in many wars and survived many hardships, including the heat-induced glistening of Lady Beatrice’s scalp on Armistice Day 1997. I once rode atop Lady Churchill during a military procession. I’ll always remember her stench: Leicester cheese and pickled turnips.

Today is an especially grand day because I am meeting Duchess Warmbottom’s hat, the Fourth Lid of Lancashire. We have had such smashing times sitting atop our mistresses’ mazzards, under the verandas of country estates from Wigglesmere to Thithitheton. Oh those were the salad days. A funny story: Lady Runnycheese’s hat, the Second Bonnet of Ballyhoo, was wont to fall of at the slightest gust of wind. Warmbottom had quite the solution: a common staple, impaling the hat and skin, at 90-degree locations round the head. We asked Runnycheese if she were in pain, and she replied that she had all nerves and fluid removed at an earlier time, thereby losing all sensory feedback from any part of her body. This naturally began a discussion about royal copulation, but that recollection is for another day.

Oooh I am looking forward to my encounter with all the royal headdresses. Makes you pine for the Empire, does it not?

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