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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

Senatus Populusque Indianus

I, Publicus Commodus, of modest birth, from the hamlet of Festus, do hereby renounce my candidacy for the province of Indiania.

I must stress that this has nothing to do with the vicious rumors circulating about my plundering of the Festian treasury. I am a proud ethicist who derides illegality of all kinds. I wish no more out of life than your average Indianian: raw oysters, Parthian sex slaves, and a place to call home.

Due to various internal and external contrivances I have , after a long consultation with my family & pagan priests, decided to rescind my candidature. This decision was solidified after a particularly ominous animal sacrifice, whereby the entrails of the slaughtered beast resembled not a golden eagle’s nest but a common pigeon-roost, a bad portent indeed for a pious resident of Indiania. So the Gods have spoken, and P. Commodus must withdraw to his country estate and await his next calling.

Could it be a military campaign against those perfidious Armenians? Could it be the completion of the long-overdue Indiania Aqueduct? Or could it be a personal and vengeful campaign against those followers of Christ of Nazareth, who dare to import their levantine augury upon the proud and dutiful Indianians? A Cincinnatus such as myself will rise to the next challenge.

Until then, my fellow Indianians, I shall retire to grow my prized cabbages and raise dormice. You may even read my philippics from time to time on the local stone tablet. My next missive may be directed against one Crassus Pompus, the populist; Caesar Saladus, the local Christian apologist; and as always against the hated eastern races.

Semper Indiania,

Publicus Commodus


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