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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

From the creators of family-friendly and non-threatening ethic fare of Outback Restaurant and Carlos O’Kelly’s, we bring you ARABY’S, the Middle Eastern Bistro.

Here at Araby’s Restaurant, we don’t just serve fresh food fast, we do it the Araby Way. Take a look at our menu!

The best place to "meat"!


Baba dippers: we took baba ghanoush and made it pronounceable. Try it on our steak fries!

Pita poppers: we took unleavened bread, fried it, and smothered it in cheddar cheese and ranch dressing! Alahu delicious!

Goat cheese smackers: little balls of goat cheese (yes! goats make cheese!) fried and doused in our special feshchero salsa.

Fala-fantasticks: take the goodness of falaffel without all those emotional Arabs at the table next to you. At Araby’s we make our falaffel stick-shaped, hence the name! Smothered in our special cool zesty feta ranch blowout dressing.

A pile of doner


Jerusalem Ham Steak: a big, meaty piece of swine. But wait, don’t Muslims and Jews reject pork products? Not at Araby’s!

Lamb of Christ Lamb Shanks: We know that most Americans don’t eat lamb. Would it interest you that Jesus Christ ate it?

The Iraq Staq: we stack a bunch of sliced beef and drizzle it with the blood of martyrs. Just kidding, the “blood” is our house pico zalsa. The “Z” is for zesty!

Wahhabi Wasabi Wrap: take a fundamentalist sect and mix it with fresh Japanese-style sushi, and you get our signature wrap! On a sun-dried tomato tortilla. Even Mohammed could not resist this foreign temptation!

Mohammed’s “Mo”-Boy: it is Araby’s take on the classic poor-boy sandwich. Beef or chicken and tomatoes with yogurt dressing on flatbread. Served with steak fries or steak dates.

Zionist bagel sandwich: you don’t have to accept the state of Israel to enjoy this delicious sandwich!

Haraam-burger: at Araby’s, we know that ham is haraam. But a hamburger is actually made of beef, you stupid bedouin filth. Go cover up your wife before she tempts another man!

Turkish Turkey Sandwich: turkey and cheese with secular olives and militant Kurdish onions.

I will order dessert, inshallah


The Sweet Destruction of Israel: an Israel-shaped cake, drizzled with red strawberry sauce to symbolize the blood shed to make Zionist dreams come true.

Death by Chocolate Suicide Bomber: watch out, he’s comin’ at ya! Tucked inside is a candy triggering device. We recommend you make a video of yourself before you eat it.


After-dinner qat: called the “cocaine of Yemen”, this stimulant will have you discussing half-baked conspiracy theories into the night!

Communal hookah: it’s like you’re smoking marijauna, but it is just flavored tobacco. Only for our extra-cool customers.

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