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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

Bone-Horse For a Better Newton Gingry

Hallo followers, and I wish ye a good Faunlow Festivities: Save a piece of Cow labia for me:

As ye may knowe, I am running for County Commissioner of the fair shire of Newton Gingry. Newtgingrians have suffer’d enough under the yoke of Aderic, also knowne as Aderic the Godless: I hath liv’d in Newtgingrishire long enough to knowe our fair county is a God-fearing one, and will suffer no man who professes a belief in anything but the One True God, that is, the God of Rome: My father the late great Willefarc Bone-Horse ranted nightly about the cursed state of our shire capital: Well upon a white horse I ride, fair countymen, to take back the capital: I shall remove Aderic and replace him with myself and with the Catholick God:

Aderic, who hath no last name, is reported to mine ears to support a shire church of the most vile and perverted kind: He hath no axe to grind with the Protestant sects of the land, and wishes, nay, urgeth!, a new Protestant shrine to grow upon Ground Null: This temple of horrors will be weekly filled with various un-believers: My postules leak with bile upon thinking of these un-men worshipping their false deity: Do they not knowe the King’s wishes? Do they not knowe the Faith of the Land is Catholick? They have taken a tyme-tested and true faith and cast it aside, nay, goat-kick’d! it to the mud:

I choose to remember Ground Null (formerly ) as the final resting-place for those six brave beltsmiths: It was they who fought off the Great Warwick Invasion of 965, and they, Byble in heart, saved our fair shire from those Scythian-haired brutes: Warwick is now a Catholick bastion and we were on the side of historie. Let us not sully the memory of blessed martyrs!

My platforme is simple: Return our shire Capital to its place in heaven, disallow the heathen church, and erect the Great Phallus memorial which hath been in planning stages for many crop cycles now: Gentlemen, I have the will and the wiles to complete this task!

I have the support of Gettelstan the Censor, Atheric the Bookbinder, and Eaclithleslomne the Chastizer. I shall be dining at  Tavern at the noon hour on the morrow:::

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