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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

The Morgans, post-buffet

For this week’s installment, we peer into the family life of the Morgans. They are an extended family out of western Tennessee, and over the years have made many colonies around the southern and midwestern United States. The biggest faction still lives in Memphis, TN, which is where they had their reunion not long ago. After the buffet was ravaged, some of the Morgan clan was photographed at table 8. This is their story.

From left to right:

Tessa Morgan McDaniels: married Rondell McDaniels while living in Little Rock. She a hairdresser and he a disgraced former security guard. Since Rondell could never being home the bacon, Tessa was forced to work two jobs and badly. But she was able to feed and clothe their five kids, one of which is now an assistant manager at Subway.

Louisa Morgan Markovitz: she took quite a different path, marrying one Stanley Markovitz, a Chicago fishmonger. Theirs was a stormy relationship, barely lasting ten years. They have two kids: Lattrell Solomon and D’Maurice Yakov Markovitz. They stayed in Chicago while Louisa went back to Memphis, where she now works as an venture capitalist.

Kenishia Morgan Dewey: after working for years in the foreign service, she settled down in Indianapolis to be a hot dog vendor at the Motor Speedway. It was during the Brickyard 400 that she met Winston Dewey, a self-made “man about town.” Kenishia still doesn’t know what Winston does all day, but he comes home with a new hat every month.

Roberta Morgan: a serious bookworm, she attended the University of Tennessee for 6 years to get two undergraduate degrees in sociology and veterinary science. There she discovered her innate sapphic desires, and had a deep and meaningful journey with Geena Hodskins of Cumberland, TN. When Geena dumped her for a New York lesbian, Roberta vowed that she would never love another woman nor visit New York City. She now lives alone with three cats and borrows money from the Markovitzes to survive.

Bethany “Baby Rolls” Morgan Johnson: known as a cut up and highly opinionated, especially on the subject of East Timor independence. She works as a legal secretary by day and a piccolo player by night. Her husband, Cyril “King Rolls” Johnson, is a professional fat man.

Sonita Clarke Morgan: not orginally a Morgan, she was born into the despised Clarke clan of northern Mississippi. Found a way up to Memphis and talked her way into marrying Kershawn Morgan, February 2009 salesman of the month at John Roscoe Ford City. Some say Sonita was a plant to bring the Morgans down. If so, she is keeping a low profile, while attending all the reunion events. She has a particular fondness for grilled broccoli. That’s what all those Clarkes eat…

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