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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Latvia

Not really about Latvian fishes

Merriment at 60 degrees north

Perhaps there is no greater treasure-trove of geeky pics than those of this website. Their efforts for dance-polka are almost touching. These musicians – and there are so many like them – are utterly incapable of shame. They put out albums like sardines on toast. The mystique is compounded by the fact that the musicians are young – the prime of their sexual lives – and rocking the dance hall like nobody’s business. I can’t imagine that anybody under 50 listens to this music, but hey, this is Scandinavia. Their sense of hyper-ironic fashion is off the charts.

Bear in mind, most of these hysterical album covers are from the 70s and 80s. Styles, especially musicians’ styles, are not hard to ridicule during this period. Like shooting fish in a barrel. But I will not ridicule these guys. I love their enthusiasm.

Starting from the left:

Jon Jonsson: spent a whole two hours making sure his hair was matted and parted perfectly. His mustache recently won the 1984 Malmö hårfest, and felt on top of his game. For an accordion player, attitude is the difference between second and first place.

Birgit Hildegaard: since being spotted in a Göteborg art school, she has lit up Swedish radio with her upbeat songs of glacial love. That she is considered the sexiest brunette in Sweden, according to the Aftonbladet, has helped Toreson gain international fame – and by that I mean Norway and also Denmark.

Davey Nilsson: his drug problems now under control, the celebrated bassist wears the most sought-after spectacle frames in Scandinavia. As a testament to his sobriety, and his dead drug user friends, he keeps a locket of heroin around his neck.

Erik Torborg: An aficionado of American Civil War memorabilia, his bandmates call him “Stönwall” affectionately. His mastery of the drums led him to fill in briefly for the Cardigans world tour in 1998.

Alfred “Blondi” Magnusson: his boyish charm and Simba hair keeps the band loose. He can play the saxophone, tuba, and xylophone – all at once.

The shirts, oh the shirts: purchased in bulk from Stockholm’s premier retailer, Retård. Poses courtesy of Ingrid Horst, the “Annie Liebovitz of Jönköping”. She is trying to symbolize the flight of terrified Irish, racing from Viking landers full of blood-lust and rape-loin.


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